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Job Hunting Tips - A Talk With Krystle Dorsey, M. Ed

As young professionals, we hear about how important networking is all the time and it can fall on deaf ears at times.  We shrug off what older folks have to say because "they don't get it" and are from a different era. But experience has taught me that the core message is correct, despite the source. Krystle Dorsey, a career counselor with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Education from George Mason University, took some time to have a chat with me about travel, culture and networking.

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Job Hunting Tips: Planning Your Own Networking Trip

As graduation and the life afterwards both creep closer on the horizon, your thoughts should be on completing your degree and / or landing your first job. Dealing with the issues of today’s job market and economic standing, both of those feats have become substantially more difficult.  However the tried and true method of success, networking, remains one of the best ways to attain your goals. Networking has, and will continue to be, the greatest tool you have in your arsenal to move beyond living as a student to living as an employee / employer.

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