How I Spend A Rainy Day

It's important as a photographer to continually shoot. It doesn't matter what or how you shoot, just that you're exercising your skill and improving. While many people use shitty weather as a crutch to relax and turn on the TV or binge watch Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad, photographers shouldn't be afraid to just get out in the streets and shoot something.

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Commercial Ad Images - Design Firm

Technik Agency, a subsidiary of global design firm Expotechnik, has made lots of advances in building their new branch in the Expo brand tree. They approached me to capture an idea they had for their initial marketing push, introducing their members to both potential and current clients alike.

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Portraits with Twanee Dykes

Friend and associate Twanee Dykes & I got together for a portrait session. Really simple and straight forward, I tried to keep things minimal in the set up and execution.

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Time Lapse Video: Dustin Farrell

Dustin Farrell created this awesome time-lapse video of landscapes using a Canon 5D Mark II and Adobe After Effects. It's absolutely amazing what this camera can do in the right hands and with the right equipment / shooter. I'll eventually try my hand at something like this, but i've got to get my money up first!

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Photog's Info Series: Getting Your Photos Out

So you've found your subjects, you've got your images shot and edited, now what? Now comes the fun part, getting your work out to the masses! Of course you need to have them posted to your website and printed and placed in your portfolio, but what else? In order to draw traffic to your site and gain interest, it's imperative that you utilize social media.

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