Artist Statement

Art is an extension of my personal connection to the human experience. While many feel what we do as a job is simply a means to an end, even in client commissioned work, my goal is to create these final products by relating them to my experience. My triumphs, failures and musings all bleed into my creative vision, allowing me to create a vivid and lasting impression on my works, audiences and clients.
— Thomas A. Wilson

Thomas A. Wilson

Thomas is a Houston, TX based commercial & editorial photographer that is totally immersed in his role as a member of a global community. He garners attention for his work most notably in pop culture and food & drink via a plethora of companies and publications ranging from trade shows & exhibit houses to Vibe and Complex magazine for starters.

A professional career that started in 2008 with freelance photojournalism and sports photography has grown into a creative consulting brand with a focus in visual art and direction.



Featured Artist - Creative Finder, December 2012

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