How I Spend A Rainy Day

It's important as a photographer to continually shoot. It doesn't matter what or how you shoot, just that you're exercising your skill and improving. While many people use shitty weather as a crutch to relax and turn on the TV or binge watch Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad, photographers shouldn't be afraid to just get out in the streets and shoot something.

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Design: Tuxedo Dames Press Kit

In my time living in Atlanta, the variety of connections and associations made ran the gamut of usefulness. I met some awesome folks that I still keep up with and on the reverse side I fostered some working relationships and associations that proved to be worth much less of my time and attention. Kylah Benes-Trapp was one of the former associates that has been a bright spot in my day to day. When she approached me about creating some materials for her Tuxedo Dames brand, I had to accept. Tuxedo Dames is an indie clothing and accessory line that has seen positive growth and a great reception in the marketplace in both the national and local ATL fashion scene. Her pieces have been spotted on west coast celebs as well as in trendy Atlanta boutiques. With her Summer '13 collection poised to regain the fervor that the "Casualties Of A Dice Game" collection captured last summer, a solid kit was needed to help spread her footprint into places word of mouth and general networking aren't enough.

The TXD Bad Flamingo collection visuals had already captured, so I just needed to assist in the communications and assist in the establishment of a consistent brand identity and display of aforementioned visuals in a b2b & b2c fashion.

Tuxedo Dames - Bad Flamingo Collection - Summer '13

Commercial Ad Images - Design Firm

Technik Agency, a subsidiary of global design firm Expotechnik, has made lots of advances in building their new branch in the Expo brand tree. They approached me to capture an idea they had for their initial marketing push, introducing their members to both potential and current clients alike.

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Job Hunting Tips - A Talk With Krystle Dorsey, M. Ed

As young professionals, we hear about how important networking is all the time and it can fall on deaf ears at times.  We shrug off what older folks have to say because "they don't get it" and are from a different era. But experience has taught me that the core message is correct, despite the source. Krystle Dorsey, a career counselor with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Education from George Mason University, took some time to have a chat with me about travel, culture and networking.

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