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Hypebeerst: Bell's Brewing Two Hearted Ale

As a word of warning, I have not always been the biggest of IPA drinkers. Over the past year or so I have gravitated towards dark beers with a saison, tripel or two sprinkled in, but with my shift further north I have decided to expand my palate a bit and give the bitter side of the family a solid few months of effort. That being said, Bell's Two Hearted Ale may be my favorite IPA of my limited experience.

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Hypebeerst: 100th Beer - Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout

Admittedly, reaching 100 beers took a while overall with my dive into the beer landscape happening in 2005. Do yourself a huge favor and let a brew make you a new acquaintance after you read this, then let me know about it in the comments! Without further adieu, my 100th review!

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