What’s up? I’m Thomas Wilson, a visual artist with a focus in photography, branding, and design in the food & drink industry, specifically craft beer, here in Houston.


The #chuglife chose me.

Thomas is a Houston, TX based designer and content producer that is totally immersed in his role as a member of a global community (smart ass for I learned how to get shit done on the road). He garners attention for his work most notably in the craft beer & culinary world via a variety of companies and publications.

A professional career that started in 2008 with freelance photojournalism and sports photography has grown into a creative consulting brand with a focus in visual art and direction.


A Virginia-grown country boy with a well-traveled set of parents, Thomas was exposed early on to many facets of culture that helped shape his view of the world. These experiences have helped to hone his creative vision, providing the foundation of a creative process that centers around the WHY and less about adding flair which results in some of the more unique niche branding, visual, and written content.


As both a child of the technological age and a self-proclaimed geek, Thomas is always seeking out ways to further marry technical expertise with his vibrant yet minimalist style. Significant commissions range from exhibit and commercial imagery for Mitsubishi, the Microsoft Store and other clientele to branding and social campaigns for Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, and others.


Let’s do this.

Private chefs, restaurant & bar owners, product creators and organizations can all get the precise visuals, packaging, and branding needed to address niche audiences by making one simple decision. Reaching out.