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Package Design

Being a lover of beer and a designer has its perks when the worlds collide. I get to be one of the most helpful people in a brewery’s arsenal of consultants and vendors.

While you’re spending hours cranking out the dankest of recipes and checking your routing and distro, you’ve typically got to find the time to learn a whole new creative process and know how to find a designer or firm that you can trust to hear your vision and execute, or come up with eye catching cans and bottles to snag consumer attention on your own… Unless you shoot me a line. Then you can get back to the thing you’re good at, crushing your city’s tap lists!

CRC Can Realistic Mockup.png


This brand new offering was a design project that required tons of flexibility.

Something so Houston centric being created by someone not of or from the city allowed me to really dig in and expand the concept. Not only was this brand well received, it has become the brewery’s top selling product.

This gorgeous mother is the new Houston tailgatin’ standard!
— Some drunk guy at the Astros Opening Day Block Party