Hypebeerst: Dogfish Says Fvck You Man Law - Aprihop IPA

I don't agree with the "don't fruit the beer" mantra those geniuses at Miller coined with their Man Law campaign. How dare the brewer of that bottle of yellow seltzer water they label as beer give advice or rules on what to do with beer? Man Law #1: If it's BMC, ask if the establishment has real beer available. More like don't flavor the beer... FOH Miller. Dogfish probably had the same reaction and created this dope amalgam of unique ingredients and trusted brewing style. I think Aprihop is like the Air Max 97 of the American craft beer world, its an unexpected twist on a popular style and plays up the best parts of its design. Just like a solid colorway can stamp an otherwise pedestrian sneaker silhouette, a variation in ingredient or brewing process can yield some kick ass results. Aprihop is just that.

The nose on this thing is crazy; powerful, grassy and citrusy with a kick of the namesake apricot. Fresh out of the fridge the only apricot I tasted was after the hops died down on the tongue and in the swallow. Much less apricot than I expected at first, but as it warmed the subtle flavors went all #CreepLife on a muhfxcka and snuck up on my palate like a it was wearing a ski mask on the 1st of the month. It wasn't just the flavor that snuck up on me either. At 7% ABV, Aprihop has enough alcohol to get you slumped n U.O.E.N.O. it.

While not overly blown away by this beer, this is a sufficient representative of the IPA style while staying true to the Dogfish way of brewing; namely, taking a solid offering and experimenting with something new and untried. Dogfish doesn't give a shxt what "the norm" is! You want an IPA? Grab me a 90 minute bro! BAM! Put some apricot in that heaux and turn up!

Dogfish Head Brewery

Type: American IPA

ABV: 7.0%

Availability: Spring