How I Spend A Rainy Day

It's important as a photographer to continually shoot. It doesn't matter what or how you shoot, just that you're exercising your skill and improving. While many people use shitty weather as a crutch to relax and turn on the TV or binge watch Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad, photographers shouldn't be afraid to just get out in the streets and shoot something. A little word of advice on shooting in the rain:

  • Keep your camera and lens covered
  • Dress appropriately (I ended up ruining a pair of Nubuck XII's because of the flawed forecast!)
  • Bring an umbrella, just "hold" it between your neck and shoulder. When you raise your camera to your eye, your body already forms to that position!
  • Plan your route and schedule before you head out!

Enjoy the images and the next time you get out and shoot, drop me a link or tag me on Instagram! I love seeing you guys get to work.