How To Become A Superstar Multimedia Professional

As an act of kindness, i've decided to provide my readers with some wise rules for producing a multimedia project.  Creating a project from scratch can be a daunting task, but by following these rules, your project can come off without a hitch (in most cases).

Superstar Checklist

  1. Start off with natural sound rather than a subject talking.
  2. If you don’t pull in the viewer fast they will bolt.  Catch their attention right off the top.
  3. DO NOT introduce people, (Hello my name is so and so) just use a lower third.
  4. Use passionate subjects for the narrative of your story, they'll provide the excitement of your projects.
  5. Match up the visuals with what is being narrated. People get tierd of looking at your face.
  6. Use a good recorder.  Sound is one of the most important parts of the production.
  7. Do an interview in the quietest place you can find.
  8. Record room sound.  It comes in handy for filling empty space and evening out volume levels.
  9. NEVER have dead air. EVER.
  10. Make sure its paced correctly...  Too fast the viewer gets mad, too slow its BORINGGGGG
  11. Use music for a reason, NOT because it is BORING.  "This is wack, so imma put some music up here..."
  12. “If you scared take the jersey off, go play JV, go play kickball!”
  13. Check out (multimedia for dummies)
  14. Spend more time on pacing than anything else.
  15. Your job changes day to day as a journalist, learn every aspect of your craft.
  16. Stay current in technology.  It is imperative.
  17. Make it so you’re important to the point you CAN’T be fired.
  18. Bosses like to LOOK like geniuses...  Make their jobs EASY.